About me

Welcome to my e-liquid review blog.

I’ve been thinking about setting up a written e-liquid review site, but have never done anything like this.It seems that everyone and their dog are starting to review e-cigarette hardware on YouTube and do eJuice reviews, so I wanted to make sure my written comments were saved on my own site.After tasting some great, very unique flavor e-liquids, I thought it was a good time to launch the site.

I’m from Essex, England, near London, and When I started talking about the first cigalike around 2009, I started getting lost.No one knew much about them at the time, and they did get some bad press at first.Then, e-cigarettes are not used to sitting in the room.Again in 2014, I bought some disposable cigarettes from a local shop that didn’t really work in suppressing cravings.
In 2015, I upgraded to a better cigar style, and then switched to the ego device.The revenue from these products is still modest, and I bought my first Box Mod around September 2015.Here is the Eleaf iStick 40W as well as some Aspire Nautilus Mini tanks.Since then, I’ve taken electronic vacuuming more seriously and started buying lots of electronic liquids and hardware.

My goal is to have a very honest review of eJuice on the site, and I plan to have at least 200 words per review.The blog is mainly about e-liquid reviews, but sometimes this can change due to hardware quirks.

If you would like to write a review to appear on the site, you would expect your e-liquids (or occasional hardware) to be reviewed or have any vaping related issues, please keep in touch.

Thanks for coming!