GeekVape AEGIS Boost Review – A Great Vaporizer For a Budget Conscious Vaper

The GeekVape AEGIS Boost is another new vaporizer from Vandy Vape. This vaporizer is a tiny, full sized, mid-level vaporizer with two different kits. The AEGIS Boost comes with a unique charging system called the AEGIS Juice Guide. It’s like a digital charging station. There’s a thumb stick on the side with which you can activate your unit. There’s also a red button that when pressed turns the system on.

The AEGIS Boost comes with two kits: the Standard and the Deluxe. Both come with the same vapor chamber, the same fan, and the same adjustable airflow control. The AEGIS Boost comes with a rechargeable battery that has a built in charging station. The unit has an auto shut off feature as well. In addition, it has the same visual appeal of other vaporizers that are similar to the GeekVape AEGIS.

Just like the original aegis turbo, the aegis boost pro comes with two kits: the Standard and the Deluxe. The difference however is that the Deluxe kit has a larger heating plate (which increases the wattage). The Deluxe also has a built in cooler fan. I find that the cooling fan is a little loud. On the plus side, it does keep the wattage at a constant level.

The standard kit only has one heater, so you can see where the upgrade came from. The vaporizer has three settings: ice, mint, and regular. It is a simple easy to use vaporizer with a good heat output.

The thing I like about this vaporizer more than anything else that comes close to it is the incredible value for the price. At about $75, the aegis boost pro has unbeatable value. At just over two pounds, the total package comes out to be just about the same as two boxes of cigarettes!

The build quality of the vaporizer, even with a low price tag, is great. I’m not going to go into the details of the assembly, but basically it’s a stainless steel bar with a stainless steel cap. Inside there is a thin plastic tube, which connects to the stainless steel carafe. On the front there is a jackaroo clip that you can unscrew to remove the battery. Once removed, the vaporizer looks similar to any other Vaping Kit, consisting of a blue LED light, an internal chamber, and a USB connector for charging.

From reading a number of reviews I’ve read on the GeekVape AEGIS Boost, a lot of people seem to like the way it looks. It doesn’t take up a lot of space, and it doesn’t take up a lot of room in your house either. The AEGIS Boost also has a one year limited warranty, so you know that if something goes wrong you can be assured you’re covered. In addition to the great look of this vaporizer, the built quality, and long warranty are the main positives of this vaporizer. The draw method is different than most vaporizers, and while it takes a little bit longer to prepare the e-juice because of the temperature differences, it’s well worth it.

The GeekVape AEGIS Boost utilizes a new cooling method called the ‘intake’ process. Because of this unique design, it does not require constant recharging. I was very impressed with how quiet this vandy vaporizer really is, and the draw port makes it perfect for those who prefer a more discreet device. To me the AEGIS Boost beats the pants off the vandy vaporizers that I saw while I was looking at reviews, and is my personal favorite vandy cigarette for the budget conscious vapers out there.