Atomizer is Hard to Choose? Because You Didn’t See This One ~

For the of Newington the pit must first carry on a box, Box on the market, it is much, the brain rich pain. After pick up the box, have to pick the cloud it… Zero it on the market than the box also very much, And all kinds of the RBA, IDA, RTA jargon. Brain rich pain.… In order to make the ‘new brain broadly less pain, Today we are going to the popular science atomizer, Hope will help the sprout new after all, a good zero apparatus, Can let you in VAPE wave more oh ~

Principle of atomizer

Atomizer is an important part of electronic cigarette, is the carrier of smoke oil, is old electronic cigarette smoke “bomb” in the part of the improvement and upgrade the product, through the electronic cigarette output devices support oil line heating atomization of smoke, smoke. The working principle of all the atomizer is all the same, by the host power supply and heating coil in the atomizer (or core), heating coil heating, evaporation coil external or internal guide on adsorption of oil cotton oil smoke, again by the user after the airflow away atomization inhalation of smoke. Anyone points to this change will affect the taste of atomizer.

Classification of atomizers

Atomizer, according to the characteristics of the atomizing core can be divided into two categories:

(1) Finished goods zero it, because it USES the disposable products of heater with atomizer with wife, so called the finished atomizer (mostly oil storage atomizer). As no equipped with DIV base (some products also equipped with a DIY components), and finished product heater due to its structural problems, although can be reset, but the effect after reset is generally difficult to reach the original effect, and need a long time.

(2) the RBA clouds, also known as the reconstruction of the zero core class atomizer. Not equipped with the finished product atomization core, need players around itself and distributing hotline garden, install hair hotline garden and guide cotton oil. According to its structure and can be divided into the RTA, RDA, RDTA three types.RTA for reconstruction of oil atomizer, RDA to zero it can rebuild the optimum oil, RDTA as the drops of oil atomizer with oil tank.

Features of atomizer

The RBA is a broad category, all known as the “reconstruction of atomizer”, is “finished atomizer.” Reconstruction” refers to the spray atomizer core is made by the users themselves, after reaching life can use heat wire, cotton and other accessories to reestablish atomization core, can also be interpreted as “DIY” atomizer. Since can be rebuilt, so naturally also includes “RDA drops of oil atomizer” and “RDTA” type and texture storage is zero. So in fact the RBA can rebuild atomizer is for atomizer “finished product”.

Atomization core used in the finished product atomizer is uniformly made by manufacturer good products, users change directly after purchase, don’t make myself. Compare the optimal machine have no time to use homemade atomization core. The Advantage is that taste and performance are stable, easy to use. Drawback is the use of high cost, and to adjust according to your own taste preferences. Finished atomizer can also be divided into texture type and smoke type two kinds, because as long as is the use of the finished product atomization core, in the atomizer can be classified to the finished product.

Finished product atomizer is commonly drip nozzle structure, roof, oil tank, finished product atomization core, and the base

RTA (oil atomizer) is commonly drop mouth, head, spray tank, oil tank, the electrode base composition.

RDA (drops of oil atomizer) is commonly drip nozzle, spray tank lid, atomization tank, electrode base composition.

RDTA (with the drops of oil tank atomizer) is commonly drip nozzle, spray tank lid, atomization of tank, the bottom electrode, oil tank.

How to choose and buy atomizer

(1) The finished atomizer due to the stability of the palate and have very simple operation, more suitable for beginners, or don’t have the time (or want) to make the heat wire on the player.

(2) The RTA zero it after so long development, started the polarization. On the one hand is favor to taste the taste of smoke oil suction mouth oil atomizer, on the other hand is to “the big smoke at the same time also want to have a certain range of big smoke lung deposit-taking oil atomizer.

The simplest method is according to the size of the air intake of atomizer to determine this is a suction mouth taste type zero it is still a big smoke lung atomizer absorption.

(3) The RDA drops of oil atomizer has the same differentiation, players can according to the size of its zero tank and air inlet to distinguish it is a great smoky oil droplets atomized body or a taste type atomizer, in general the smaller the atomization chamber, the smaller the air inlet is taste type oil atomizer.

(4) RDTA atomizer is to RDA zero it in below attached to a storage tank, to improve the RDA atomizer using cotton oil tankers in low problem.

Both taste and smoke, when the choice to consider whether they have time and energy to learn electronic cigarettes, if just want to simple to use electronic cigarette, you can choose to finished class atomizer. If want to vape as a hobby, get a different experience of fun, you can choose the RBA class DIY computing device. Many couples are worried about homemade too hard, not technique. Actually learn some basic knowledge of electronic cigarette related, homemade atomization core is not as difficult as I thought.

Some Vapors Have Shiny Surfaces, but They Haven’t Washed the Atomizer for Half a Year

Hello dear Vapor, little sister’s daily understanding

Some girls glitterIn fact socks have to foot motherboard.

Some girls surface heyday,A madman is actually a female nerve.

Some girls are fairies on the surface, but the rooms are actually messy.

Didn’t I humWe are the two sides to the fairyLike some Vapor cool place on the day on the surface. Actually the atomizer has not been washed for months.

Atomizer for a long time not to clean?Can carbon! Is a very bad taste! Will spend money on new! Will be the wife scold! Here are five kinds of atomizer cleaning tipsGive your atomizer have a bath!

In e-cigarette atomizer by pouring hot water, gently shake for a minute or two, then pour out the water, then use hair dryer to dry.This method is simple, but will remain strong flavor of e-cigarette smoke oil.

The atomizer in the clear water mixed with vinegar, cook for 10 minutes later, clean with clear water again, then blow dry. Using vinegar cleaning result can also.

Soak e-cigarette atomizer in coke, takes about 24 hours, after the completion of the remove and clean with water, the final blow dry.This method cumbersome, the effect may not be very ideal, but simple and convenient.

The atomization dark dry, pour vodka.Sealed atomizer with his fingers, gently shake out after 2 minutes, wash with hot water, place let it dry.This is a more effective method, basic can eliminate dirt and e-cigarettes atomizer.It is important to note that don’t need to blow, let the vodka taste slowly disappear.

Lazy people preferred method ~Atomizer flat on a piece of paper towel, about 1 days, smoke oil atomizer will out slowly, then rinse with warm water, the final blow dry, this also is a kind of more effective partyMethod.

Know the clear atomizer method,Again, by the way of other accessories cleaning method!

Cigarette holder, atomization storehouse, guide tube, the snow of the bottom cleaning method:

Parts out of the warm water, dip in with tweezers grip the cotton ball cleaning fluid, repeated the parts surface to wipe, wash until the trace of the above, with the smoke disappear entirely on the cigarette holderquasiAnd then the residual cleaning fluid with water is rinsed clean, then clean again.It is important to note that the strength is not too big, avoid cotton residue within the thread, lead to e-cigarettes can not assembled tightly.

The atomizer is like a daughter-in-law’s mouth that sucks every day. Don’t forget to buy lipstick for your wife often, and don’t forget to clean the atomizer often.


The finished atomizer leak is the reason why and how to solve

The finished atomizer leak is the reason why and how to solve? Finished product heavy equipment has strong use convenience, trust for many users, select the finished product into the pit in atomizer do reduce the learning cost, faster to get started learning electronic cigarettes. Now let me simple introduce it to you!

To not know the atomizer structure theory of novice users, oil leakage problem is indeed in the finished product atomizer used very troubling question.

The installation of the atomizing core must be correct

In is the finished cloud, the cloud is enormous, and the importance of the core cloud core as smoke atomization core, also bear the absorption and block because of oilTo use.

Want to install the core to the atomizer, it is important to note that observation is there exist gaps between zero core and atomizer, if there is a dislocation and crack, then the oil leakage problem is inevitable.

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Oil operations to be carried out in accordance with the instructions

Many finished products atomizer has used the top oil structure, this kind of atomizer in oil, if you don’t shut down at the bottom of the inlet opening, though, there was a big risk of oil spill would happen.

Users in the use of the finished atomizer, it is important to note that the reference instructions and diagrams, use the right way to oil, top oil atomizer must be shut down at the bottom of the inlet, in three to five minutes after filling opening at the bottom of the inlet, can effectively avoid the spill.

And not all leakage is oil

Air inlet at the bottom of the atomizer structure of finished product, it is difficult to avoid condensate in the air inlet and the atomizer in the accumulation of base part, once the condensate accumulation is overmuch, will have the presence of the leakage situation.

Reduce the condensate accumulation is not to use in the electronic cigarette blow to the inside atomizer, another is can in suction not loosen when the ignition key air suction for a certain period of time.

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Embellish the core operation can also lead to leakage

A lot of friends will inform the novice user, finished product atomization before use it is best to run core. , in fact, if you don’t try so hard to use, the finished cloud is the best way to go after the vertical stand, let myself fully absorb smoke oil atomizing core.

Score operations in oil smoke too much, also can appear the smoke oil drip into the base directly, from the air inlet flow.

Lack of atomizer parts and atomizing core damage

When clear atomizer, dismantling of cloud is likely to lead to aprons parts is missing, it will lead to air tightness of clouds are destroyed, the spill will appear. In the assembly when the atomizer, must observe the location of the aprons and whether is missing, timely adjust and supplement.

Atomization core after long time use, the coil of heat will cause damage to cotton, oil and smoke long soaking time, smoke oil atomizing core ability to block decreases. Periodically replaced product core guarantee of atomizer experience at the same time, also can avoid the occurrence of oil spills.

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Above is about finished atomizer leak is the reason why and how to solve the related introduction, composite products for the oil leakage reasons of atomizer, want to avoid the occurrence of these situations, must adopt the correct filling procedure and use operations to use the atomizer, also make it a regular inspection atomizer structure and change finished atomizing core habits. This can effectively avoid finished product oil leakage problem of atomizer, let users to use more satisfactory.