Some Vapors Have Shiny Surfaces, but They Haven’t Washed the Atomizer for Half a Year

Hello dear Vapor, little sister’s daily understanding

Some girls glitterIn fact socks have to foot motherboard.

Some girls surface heyday,A madman is actually a female nerve.

Some girls are fairies on the surface, but the rooms are actually messy.

Didn’t I humWe are the two sides to the fairyLike some Vapor cool place on the day on the surface. Actually the atomizer has not been washed for months.

Atomizer for a long time not to clean?Can carbon! Is a very bad taste! Will spend money on new! Will be the wife scold! Here are five kinds of atomizer cleaning tipsGive your atomizer have a bath!

In e-cigarette atomizer by pouring hot water, gently shake for a minute or two, then pour out the water, then use hair dryer to dry.This method is simple, but will remain strong flavor of e-cigarette smoke oil.

The atomizer in the clear water mixed with vinegar, cook for 10 minutes later, clean with clear water again, then blow dry. Using vinegar cleaning result can also.

Soak e-cigarette atomizer in coke, takes about 24 hours, after the completion of the remove and clean with water, the final blow dry.This method cumbersome, the effect may not be very ideal, but simple and convenient.

The atomization dark dry, pour vodka.Sealed atomizer with his fingers, gently shake out after 2 minutes, wash with hot water, place let it dry.This is a more effective method, basic can eliminate dirt and e-cigarettes atomizer.It is important to note that don’t need to blow, let the vodka taste slowly disappear.

Lazy people preferred method ~Atomizer flat on a piece of paper towel, about 1 days, smoke oil atomizer will out slowly, then rinse with warm water, the final blow dry, this also is a kind of more effective partyMethod.

Know the clear atomizer method,Again, by the way of other accessories cleaning method!

Cigarette holder, atomization storehouse, guide tube, the snow of the bottom cleaning method:

Parts out of the warm water, dip in with tweezers grip the cotton ball cleaning fluid, repeated the parts surface to wipe, wash until the trace of the above, with the smoke disappear entirely on the cigarette holderquasiAnd then the residual cleaning fluid with water is rinsed clean, then clean again.It is important to note that the strength is not too big, avoid cotton residue within the thread, lead to e-cigarettes can not assembled tightly.

The atomizer is like a daughter-in-law’s mouth that sucks every day. Don’t forget to buy lipstick for your wife often, and don’t forget to clean the atomizer often.