The finished atomizer leak is the reason why and how to solve

The finished atomizer leak is the reason why and how to solve? Finished product heavy equipment has strong use convenience, trust for many users, select the finished product into the pit in atomizer do reduce the learning cost, faster to get started learning electronic cigarettes. Now let me simple introduce it to you!

To not know the atomizer structure theory of novice users, oil leakage problem is indeed in the finished product atomizer used very troubling question.

The installation of the atomizing core must be correct

In is the finished cloud, the cloud is enormous, and the importance of the core cloud core as smoke atomization core, also bear the absorption and block because of oilTo use.

Want to install the core to the atomizer, it is important to note that observation is there exist gaps between zero core and atomizer, if there is a dislocation and crack, then the oil leakage problem is inevitable.

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Oil operations to be carried out in accordance with the instructions

Many finished products atomizer has used the top oil structure, this kind of atomizer in oil, if you don’t shut down at the bottom of the inlet opening, though, there was a big risk of oil spill would happen.

Users in the use of the finished atomizer, it is important to note that the reference instructions and diagrams, use the right way to oil, top oil atomizer must be shut down at the bottom of the inlet, in three to five minutes after filling opening at the bottom of the inlet, can effectively avoid the spill.

And not all leakage is oil

Air inlet at the bottom of the atomizer structure of finished product, it is difficult to avoid condensate in the air inlet and the atomizer in the accumulation of base part, once the condensate accumulation is overmuch, will have the presence of the leakage situation.

Reduce the condensate accumulation is not to use in the electronic cigarette blow to the inside atomizer, another is can in suction not loosen when the ignition key air suction for a certain period of time.

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Embellish the core operation can also lead to leakage

A lot of friends will inform the novice user, finished product atomization before use it is best to run core. , in fact, if you don’t try so hard to use, the finished cloud is the best way to go after the vertical stand, let myself fully absorb smoke oil atomizing core.

Score operations in oil smoke too much, also can appear the smoke oil drip into the base directly, from the air inlet flow.

Lack of atomizer parts and atomizing core damage

When clear atomizer, dismantling of cloud is likely to lead to aprons parts is missing, it will lead to air tightness of clouds are destroyed, the spill will appear. In the assembly when the atomizer, must observe the location of the aprons and whether is missing, timely adjust and supplement.

Atomization core after long time use, the coil of heat will cause damage to cotton, oil and smoke long soaking time, smoke oil atomizing core ability to block decreases. Periodically replaced product core guarantee of atomizer experience at the same time, also can avoid the occurrence of oil spills.

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Above is about finished atomizer leak is the reason why and how to solve the related introduction, composite products for the oil leakage reasons of atomizer, want to avoid the occurrence of these situations, must adopt the correct filling procedure and use operations to use the atomizer, also make it a regular inspection atomizer structure and change finished atomizing core habits. This can effectively avoid finished product oil leakage problem of atomizer, let users to use more satisfactory.