VOOPOO Kits Has Many Advantages

Voopoo Vaporub Plus continues to evolve as a revolutionary product that provides a new method of reaching higher levels of performance and results. VOOPOO uses two different voltage adjustments, high & low, in order to provide the user with an excellent vapor experience. The new improved dual voltage adjustment feature makes it easy for users to adjust their device based on the amount of vapor they want. Simply turn up the voltage setting to produce the highest quality of vapor, and turn it down to save money on batteries.


The VOOPOO Drag Device is an excellent replacement for traditional vapor tools. The VOOPOO Drag Device has an integrated heating element which is perfect for efficiently heating water. This revolutionary product features three heat settings, which are great for your all day leading rapping sessions. Users have reported that the drag device heats the water in just over 2 minutes, allowing users to enjoy a delicious hot shower while cutting down on both water usage and waste.

VOOPOO’s official website does not contain very much information regarding their products. Users do not know the specs on the various products and only know that the drag device is compatible with all VOOPOO products. There are only a few specs that state the resistance of the device to protect users from over heating. This information is not available in any of the product literature. This means that VOOPOO offers no protection to users by informing them that the coils will overheat.

Users also do not know how well built the pod containers are. They only know that the VOOPOO kits are compatible with all VOOPOO systems. Users must be informed that the VOOPOO systems do not come with any kind of pods. These pods were not included with the manufacturing of the units and are considered a separate item. A good VOOPOO system should include a decent amount of pod storage to maximize the performance of each unit.

The majority of VOOPOO units include a decent amount of built in functionality. This includes an included atomizer, adjustable airflow, a battery indicator, and a device interface. Users do not have to connect anything to this unit to use it. All they need is an included air pump to get started in puff curve mode.

The drag of the range is made out of high quality silicone and is designed to work with the standard size of RCDs. A reliable manufacturer would offer a compatible size for each of the RCDs that they produce. Drag X’s compatibility ensures that users will have a good experience purchasing their products. It is recommended that the Ohm Resistance Mesh Coil is replaced with a high quality resistance mesh coil. The mesh coil allows for the proper amount of heat to dissipate from the device while in use.

There are a few additional features that are beneficial to the user. Screen trays are provided with most VOOPOO kits. The screen provides the necessary information when in use, such as wattage, temperature, voltage, battery level and many other useful items. Most screens have a built in facility to prevent water from spilling over the resistance while it is being used.

The 1500mah integrated battery offers the user an extended pod life span. This is great news, especially for VOOPOO users that use their device regularly. The pod life span extends significantly with the use of the Ohm Resistance Coils. The Ohm Resistance Coils allows for a much longer battery life span than other VOOPOO kit options, making this a very popular addition to the VOOPOO kit lineup. The VOOPOO kit also provides users with an extended pod life span. The Ohm Resistance Coils eliminates the possibility of overheating your RCD during prolonged use.